Auricle Ear Seeds is founded on the philosophy that a centred mind, gentle touch and holistic self-care are the keystones of optimal health and happiness.

Born among the sun and waves of Australia's wellness mecca, Bondi Beach, Auricle has invoked the ancient art of auricular reading and healing to create a range of ear seeds with a modern, chic aesthetic. Founder Elle Halliwell, a certified auriculotherapist and integrative health practitioner, was inspired to launch the brand from her own health journey after receiving a chronic blood cancer diagnosis in 2016.

The diagnosis, which coincided with the conception of her first child, sparked a desire to discover the mechanisms behind the body's incredible ability for self-healing. This search eventually led her to acupressure; a gentle, non-invasive form of pain-relief. Elle hopes to educate and empower Australians on ear seeds and auriculotherapy, giving them tools and knowledge to take control of their own wellbeing.

Listen to Elle's chat on the YouBeauty Podcast for more info on how ear seeds work.


What are ear seeds and how do they work?

Ear seeding is a needle-free form of acupressure (auriculotherapy).

In the 1950s French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier demonstrated that specific areas of the outer ear corresponded with certain parts of the body. He noted that pressure applied to an area of the ear alleviated various health issues in the corresponding organ. 

The method was initially practiced using the tiny seeds from the vaccaria flower due to their small size and purported energetic healing benefits.

Whilst auriculotherapy is today used by acupuncturists and TCM practitioners, ear therapy was first practiced in India thousands of years ago.

Unlike TCM, which focuses on meridians, auriculotherapy points correspond to western body systems, as mapped by Dr Nogier, and are based on the modern knowledge of the body’s nervous system.

Today, both vaccaria seeds and small steel balls are used, also known as ear pellets, to stimulate various nerve points on the outer ear and restore vitality to various organs and areas of the body.

The therapy has undergone decades of research, with a number of peer-reviewed studies showing its effectiveness in relieving everything from stress, anxiety and pain to weight issues, migraines, hormonal/fertility issues and insomnia.

Auricle ear seeds are 24k gold-plated and come with hypoallergenic tape which is easy to apply.

They also look pretty gorgeous, if we say so ourselves.

We can’t wait to join you on your journey - if you have any questions about ear seeds, the meaning of life, or what your future holds - don’t hesitate to #asktheauricle.

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