Frequently Asked Questions


What are Auricle ear seeds made from?

Our gold-plated ear seeds are made from ionised gold-plated metal alloy, backed with a clear, medical-grade adhesive tape which attaches it to the ear. Our silver seeds are composed of a stainless steel-based metal alloy. While our seeds are not made with nickel, trace amounts may be acquired during the production process so we advise those with a nickel-allergy to avoid or do a patch test before use.


How long will they stay on?

The seeds, which are single-use only, can be worn for two to four days depending on your individual concerns and needs and the area of placement on the ear.

We suggest cleaning the area thoroughly with an alcohol swab and allowing to dry completely for maximum adhesion. When applying avoid touching the sticky side of the seed with fingers as it will not adhere properly.


How often can I wear them?

We suggest alternating ears for each application to allow the skin to rest, and allowing around two days before reapplying on the same ear.


How do I remove them?

Using fingernails or tweezers, gently peel the adhesive strip away from the ear. Ensure the ear is angled towards the ground so the seeds do not fall into the ear canal. Used ear seeds should be disposed of in the garbage bin. You may find ear seeds stuck to your hair or on your pillow after sleep. If this happens on day one or two after application, simply replace the seed with a new one.


Can I use these instead of having regular acupuncture?

Auricle ear seeds are a convenient acupressure tool for at-home use when needed, and can be a complimentary therapy to traditional acupuncture in between appointments.

We suggest if you are undergoing treatment by an acupuncture therapist, be sure to let them know you are using ear seeds and he or she will be able to advise the best areas of placement for your particular needs and concerns.


Aren’t ear seeds based on Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Contrary to popular belief, auriculotherapy is not based solely on TCM and acupuncture. While aspects of this modality have been incorporated into many TCM practices, modern auricular therapy is primarily based on a system designed by French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier. For more information please see out About Us page.


My seeds have darkened on my ear; is this normal?

Oxidisation is common and a sign the seeds are exerting their therapeutic effects. They may leave a small dark stain on the ear which will fade in a few days. If you dislike the discolouration of your seed, we suggest replacing with a new seed for the remainder of your protocol.


If I get my ear pierced at one of the points, will that do the same thing as an ear seed?

It’s unlikely, as the scar tissue formed as a result of the piercing may dull the sensitivity of the auriculotherapy point. We suggest piercing for cosmetic benefits only.


Do I need to get the points exact for them to work?

If the placement is slightly off, don’t remove the bead as it should still work as long as it is in the area of the pressure point. You can also apply another seed close to the existing one.

We suggest using an acupressure ear probe or tweezer tips before applying,  which can help to locate the most stimulating points in each area (if there is a little sensitivity on a point when pressed, put a seed on!).

These are available for purchase on our e-store.


Can I use them while pregnant?

We do not advise using while pregnant or if you suspect you are pregnant.


Can I use them on my child?

Due to the small and magnetic nature of the seeds, we do not recommended for use in infants and young children without supervision and consent from a registered acupuncture therapist.

We advise you seek advice of a licensed acupuncturist before use.


Can I reuse the seeds?

Seeds are single-use only and we strongly advise against reusing them as they may oxidise and cause irritation. We don’t recommend you keep them on for longer than four days and dispose of immediately after use.


I have sensitive skin; will the seeds or tape cause irritation?

Our seeds are made from a high quality metal alloy so reaction is unlikely, however we advise doing a patch test on a single location and waiting 24 hours before applying numerous seeds. This will ensure there is no allergic response to the tape or seeds. If irritation occurs, stop using immediately and contact your doctor in the event of a severe reaction.

You may find that the seeds create a small scab or mark on the ear if left on too long. If this happens, consider using the seeds for a shorter period of time.

The tape may contain traces of latex; do not apply if you have a latex allergy.


What do I do once they’re on?

We suggest gently pressing the seeds a couple of times per day in order to stimulate the pressure points, however the magnetic nature of the seeds will exert their effects even if you forget.


I’m feeling pain, is this normal?

Ear seeds should not cause significant pain, at best a mild discomfort. Sensitivity to certain points is generally considered a positive sign that you have applied it to a point which corresponds to an area of the body which needs attention.

If you experience significant pain or any adverse affects, such as irritation or burning, remove immediately and seek professional advice.

Some patients have reported feeling drowsy following auriculotherapy; this is possibly due to the systemic release of endorphins so we suggest not applying your ear seeds if you need to be alert and awake immediately afterwards.


Where are your products made?

Our gold and silver seeds are made in Japan. Our crystal seeds and toolkits are made in P.R.C


Are your products TGA registered?

Yes they are. For registration details please feel free to contact us.


Do you accept refunds?

If you are not happy with your purchase, please return unopened package within 30 days of receipt and we will issue a refund, less postage.

Please not that due to the delicate nature of our seeds, extra care must be taken when removing from their backing, otherwise they can dislodge from the adhesive.


How long before I receive my order?

Orders are dispatched 1-4 days after purchase (excluding pre-orders), and you will receive a tracking number once your order has been fulfilled if you have selected this option at checkout. 

*Express Postage has been delayed due to COVID-19 so please note that next day guarantee does not currently apply to Australia Post EP postage.

International shipping may take up to 6 weeks, depending on your country and Covid-delays.


I haven’t received my order, what can I do?

If your order hasn’t arrived within 14 days of receiving notice your item has been shipped, please contact us immediately and we will arrange a re-delivery.


I have questions or feedback regarding my order.

At The Auricle we aim to make you feel good, so please email us with any concerns, queries or feedback and you will receive a prompt response. We love feedback, good and bad, and will be happy to sort any issues you have regarding our products and/or service.


Do your prices include GST and other taxes?

All taxes are included in the price of the products.



Do not use while pregnant unless under the advice of a medical professional. Do not apply if the ear is infected.

Do not swallow or ingest.

Do not apply if you have a fever or are unwell. Do not use on children under 12 without consulting your doctor.

We recommend doing a patch test 24 hours prior to use. Adhesive tape may contain traces of latex.

Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of small children.



You must not rely on the information or the products for sale on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from a medical condition, please seek immediate medical attention. Never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information on our website or our products.


Auricle Ear Seeds are not intended to diagnose or treat any health issues or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should always consult with your healthcare professional prior to using any medication, nutritional, herbal or acupressure product or before beginning any exercise or diet program or starting any treatment for a health issue. Individuals may react differently to different products.

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Thank you for your trust.