Help, my ear seeds hurt! Here's why.

Your ear seeds look beautiful, and you've applied them correctly, but they're tender to the touch. Don't worry, it's normal! And might even be a good thing.

Here's what to know about ear tenderness.

Stimulation of Acupressure Points: Acupressure seeds are used to stimulate acupressure points which in traditional practice are described as sensitive areas of the body connected to various organs and systems through energy pathways. When these points are stimulated, it can cause a sensation of tenderness or soreness, especially if the area is already energetically blocked or imbalanced. In this case, it's a sign that you've placed a seed in the area which needs it most.
Many of our clients report that tenderness tends to ease once they start to feel relief in the corresponding system or issue.

Increased Blood Circulation: The application of acupressure seeds can increase blood circulation to the area, which might lead to a sensation of warmth, tenderness, or even minor discomfort. This increased circulation can help in releasing muscle tension and promoting healing but might initially feel tender to the touch.

Healing Response: The tenderness felt can also be part of the body's natural healing response. By stimulating an acupressure point, the body may begin to address underlying issues in the corresponding organ or system. This healing process can create sensations of tenderness or sensitivity in the area.

Pressure Sensitivity: We all have varying levels of sensitivity to pressure. Some of us may naturally feel more tenderness when pressure is applied to certain areas of the body, especially if those areas are near nerves or less padded with muscle or fat, like the ears. While we recommend pressing seeds occasionally to activate them, it's also important to be super gentle and only do so in the absence of sensitivity.

Underlying Conditions: If there is an underlying condition or inflammation in the area where the acupressure seeds are applied, it might result in increased sensitivity and tenderness. In such cases, the tenderness is not solely due to the acupressure seeds but also due to the pre-existing condition. Be sure to never apply seeds to skin which is already irritated, broken or inflamed.

When to remove seeds:

- You feel an itching or burning sensation, or if the skin looks inflamed or irritated. This could be a reaction to the adhesive or metal. 

- It's so uncomfortable you can't sleep, because sleep is ridiculously important and we simply can't have that! Alternatively, you could invest in a pillow like this, which features ear holes (also a great option for newly pierced ears).

- If it's causing intense discomfort in any way or you feel unwell.

It's important to apply acupressure seeds correctly and with the appropriate amount of pressure to minimise discomfort while maximising their therapeutic benefits. This is not intended to be taken as medical advice, always be sure to consult a healthcare professional.